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Road trip to San Diego

September 07, 2010

Throughout the semester, a select group of ASU freshmen will be blogging about their first year as Sun Devils. In the same way that graduation serves as a milestone marker for both students and the university, the freshman year experience is one of significant formation as it sets the foundation for academic excellence.

Chelsea's blog:

The first full week of school was a mix of emotions. I felt nervous, excited, happy and overwhelmed about my classes. I’m currently taking English, chemistry and the Human Event class, as well as the ASU freshman class. My English and Human Event class have less than 20 students while my chemistry class has over 100 students. The classes are either discussion-based or lecture-based. I really like the discussion classes because you are able to state your opinions on topics and get feedback from other peers.

The first week went by so fast. Before I knew it, it was already the weekend. My roommate and I went to the Tempe Marketplace to do a little shopping, especially for stuff for our dorm. We also went clothes shopping at Scottsdale Fashion Square. After a long day of shopping, we went out with our friends and walked around the campus. 

The second week of school was especially long. Not only did we have school on our hands, but also we had rush week. I wasn’t going to rush a sorority, but a co-ed fraternity. Going to numerous events and meeting new people of the fraternity made me think of all the possibilities that will come with joining.

After rushing and doing tons of homework for all my classes, it was Labor Day weekend. My roommate, suitemates and I spontaneously decided to take a road trip to San Diego! We hit up different beaches and had the times of our lives, soaking in the perfect 70-degree weather. We went to the Gaslamp District to eat dinner and grab a hot chocolate at Ghirardelli. I must say, it has been a jam-packed two weeks, but it has been an awesome experience so far!

Chelsea Medbury is an incoming freshman who is majoring in exploratory health and life sciences. She is originally from St. Louis, Mo.