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Quarterback Steven Threet's teleconference

September 06, 2010

Quarterback Steven Threet
September 6, 2010

On reviewing the game:
“It was good to see some of the things on film. Some of the mistakes we made. They’re easily corrected. It was good for us to sit down as an offense and kind of watch it together and see what everybody is seeing out on the field.”

On his ability to run the ball:
“I think I take it when it’s there. Me running the ball is not our biggest threat offensively. It is something that we can get some positive plays out of. I’m glad I’m able to help the running back out and keep the defense honest. “

On his athletic ability:
“I might surprise some people athletically. I’ve done it before. I’m not going to be successful doing it every play.”

On decision to transfer to ASU:
“It was definitely difficult, having played, and knowing I was going to sit out another season. At the time I thought it was in my best interest. Personally, to become the best player I could. When I had the chance to come down here on my visit and to see what was going on, it was just definitely something I wanted to be a part of. I’m glad I made that decision.”

On his on field transition:
“I think I definitely worked out my mechanics a lot, footwork. Since Coach Mazzone has been here, just my ability to focus on the offense and really learning it and understanding. I’ve had a bevy of offensive coordinators since I’ve been in college and a bunch of different offenses. To finally be able to sit and really learn one and try to get really good at this one has helped me a lot. I’m able to improve a lot more quickly, just being able to practice just this offense.”

On experiences learned from Michigan:
“It’s definitely a different feeling to get out there on Saturdays, on game day. It is a different energy. The guys are a lot more excited. Being able to be used to that and what’s going on. Just execute my responsibilities on the field.”

On the teams confidence:
“I definitely think we have been working hard and doing great in practice. As a quarterback, you always try to just stay on a level field. Not get too high, not get too low. Not let a three and out or a turn over affect you because you have to always play the next play.”

On watching film:
“We definitely saw some good things but there is still room for improvement. There were a couple plays where I could have gotten the ball to some different guys. Maybe get it out of my hands a little quicker. There are always some things you can improve on.”

On running the offense against an opponent:
“We’ve been playing against our defense and they have seen all the plays we keep running. They’re kind of used to it and hearing our calls.  It was good to just get a different defense out there that we were playing against.”

On his dynamic with the team coming in:
“I just wanted to go out and execute the offense. I knew we had the playmakers, the O-line, the personnel to be successful. I just wanted to go out and distribute the ball to our guys and just let them do the work.”

On watching the offense click:
“I think it’s nice to see it come full circle in a game, not just in practice and to see us perform well under the lights. We’re happy that we won. By no means do we think the offense is there yet. We have a ways to go and we have to get better every week.”