Nineteen ASU cross country runners named Academic All-Pac-10

<p> Nineteen members of the Arizona State University cross country program have been selected for Academic All-Pac-10 honors, the Conference announced today. Seven men and 12 women received accolades from the Pac-10 after contributing to the teams’ success while maintaining a 3.0 grade-point average or better.</p><separator></separator><p>The men had three first-team honorees in <a href="">Ben Engelhardt</a>, <a href="">Ben Jankunas</a> and <a href="">Cam… Liston</a> while the women’s lone first-team selection was earned by <a href="">Che… Caloia</a>. The award is the third for Engelhardt, who was honored in 2007 (first team) and 2008 (second team) while Caloia earned her second honor after being selected to the honorable mention squad in 2007. Jankunas and Liston both earned their first honors.</p><separator></separator><p><a href="">Bra… Bethke</a> and <a href="">Matt Boughton</a> for the men and <a href="">Co… Golden</a>, <a href="">Ca… Loden</a> and <a href="">Natasa Vulic</a> for the women each were selected to the Academic All-Pac-10 Second Team, which is their first academic honor as members of the program. <a href="">Co… Eckelman</a> and <a href="">Dani… Lovell</a> also earned second-team selections for the men, marking their third (honorable mention in 2007 and 2008) and second (second team in 2008) awards, respectively.</p><separator></separator><p>Eight women earned Academic All-Pac-10 Honorable Mention accolades with <a href="">Ali Kielty</a> leading the way with her fourth all-time selection after being named honorable mention in 2006 and second team in both 2007 and 2008. <a href="">A… Spadafino</a> earned her third career selection after being named second team in 2007 and honorable mention last year while <a href="">… Stringham</a> repeated as an honorable mention award winner. The remaining five women on the honorable mention list earned their first career academic honor, including <a href="">Kate Lydy</a>, <a href="">Che… McNair</a>, <a href="">Bria… Smith</a>, <a href="">Kaur… Tarver</a> and <a href="">Ashl… Wimmer</a>.</p><separator></separator><p>Overall, the men’s seven honorees ranked as the second-most in the conference behind Stanford (10) while the women’s 12 selections tied Washington for the most. On a whole, the Sun Devil program’s 19 honorees ranked as the second-most overall behind only the 21 selections for Stanford.</p><separator></separator><p>The Sun Devils will travel to Terre Haute, Ind., this weekend as both the No. 17 women and No. 22 men qualified as at-large selections for the NCAA Cross Country Championships that will be held on Monday afternoon. The Versus Network will carry the races live while the will also stream the action live.</p><separator></separator><p>2009 Academic All-Pac-10 Honorees<br /> Men<br /> First Team: <a href="">Ben Engelhardt</a>, <a href="">Ben Jankunas</a>, <a href="">Cam… Liston</a><br />Second Team: <a href="">Bra… Bethke</a>, <a href="">Matt Boughton</a>, <a href="">Co… Eckelman</a>, <a href="">Dani… Lovell</a></p><separator></separator><p>Women<br /> First Team: <a href="">Che… Caloia</a><br />Second Team: <a href="">Co… Golden</a>, <a href="">Ca… Loden</a>, <a href="">Natasa Vulic</a><br />Honorable Mention: <a href="">Ali Kielty</a>, <a href="">Kate Lydy</a>, <a href="">Che… McNair</a>, <a href="">Bria… Smith</a>, <a href="">A… Spadafino</a>, <a href="">… Stringham</a>, <a href="">Kaur… Tarver</a>, <a href="">Ashl… Wimmer</a></p>