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New awards honor faculty achievements

April 27, 2007

ASU's Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost of the University introduced the new annual Faculty Achievement Awards April 24 at the inaugural award ceremony held at the ASU Art Museum.

The award, created to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the New American University, honored a unique set of 19 faculty members across a wide range of disciplines.

The winners of the 2007 Faculty Achievement Awards were recognized in four general areas, including:

• Excellence in scholarly and creative activities.

• Excellence in teaching and instruction.

• Excellence in design imperatives for the New American University.

• Excellence in service.

“The Faculty Achievement Awards recognize the many ways faculty contribute to academic excellence at ASU,” says Elizabeth D. Capaldi, ASU's executive vice president and provost. “We are inspired by each of the faculty members honored.”

The awardees for 2007 are:

• Best Art Work: Susan Beiner, School of Art .

• Best Performance: Jacob Pinholster, School of Theater and Film.

• Best Professional Application: Ronald Adrian, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

• Defining Edge Research in Humanities: Margaret Walker, Department of Philosophy.

• Defining Edge Research in Natural Sciences/Math: Stuart Lindsay, Department of Physics, and Joseph Wang, Department of Chemical Engineering.

• Defining Edge Research in Public Policy: John Stuart Hall, School of Public Affairs .

• Most Influential Paper, Research: Otto Sankey, Department of Physics.

• Most Significant Invention: Michael Kozicki, Department of Electrical Engineering.

• Young Investigator, Research: Manfred Laubichler, School of Life Sciences.

• Design Imperatives: Prasad Boradkar, Department of Industrial Design and Scott Ridley, Department of Elementary Education.

• Service Awards: Carlton Yoshioka, Department of Community Resources & Development, and John Lynch, Barrett, the Honors College.

• Teaching Performance: Jacquelyn Scott Lynch, Barrett, the Honors College , and Mark Manfredo, Morrison School of Management and Agribusiness.

• Student Mentoring: Glenn Hurlbert, Department of Mathemetics and Statistics and Diane Facinelli, Barrett, the Honors College.

• Instructional Pedagogy: James Adams, School of Materials.