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Never a dull moment

September 07, 2010

Throughout the semester, a select group of ASU freshmen will be blogging about their first year as Sun Devils. In the same way that graduation serves as a milestone marker for both students and the university, the freshman year experience is one of significant formation as it sets the foundation for academic excellence.

Priya's blog

The first few weeks of school have been pretty busy here at ASU. Walking into a class with 400 other students for the first time is quite an experience. The most adventurous part of the first week is just finding your classes; they're all over campus! You do a lot of walking, but it's a great way to get to know the campus. Just be sure to always have water handy because it gets pretty hot in the desert.

College classes are quite different from high school. You are responsible for yourself and no one is going to tell you to go to class. It's your responsibility to read the syllabus, do the homework and turn things in by deadline. How successful you are in class really depends on you.

Part of the excitement of living on campus is the great social atmosphere. All you have to do is open the door and there is a building full of friends. The experience of living in a dorm room is great. The food here is also amazing. All-you-can-eat of dozens of different varieties of food. Everyday is a new experience in the dining hall. There are also several lounges which are great places to hang out with friends and have study parties. We even had a Star Wars party there once.

So far the college experience is great. I've joined a couple of sports clubs (tennis and ultimate frisbee) as well as other student organizations that keep me busy. There is a lot of homework so I definitely have to work hard to stay on top of things. Between the homework, team practices, and just hanging out and having fun, I have full days where there is never a boring moment. So far, I am loving college.

Priya Challa is an incoming freshman who is majoring in aerospace engineering. She is originally from Sandy, Utah.