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Lodestar Center honors nonprofit graduates

April 29, 2011

Students receiving professional certificates and academic degrees in nonprofit studies were recognized for their achievements on April 27 at a reception hosted by the ASU Lodestar Center. 

The event, held at the Burton Barr Central Library Pulliam Auditorium, began with a Master of Nonprofit Studies (MNpS) graduate poster session detailing results of semester-long research projects on critical issues in the nonprofit sector.  Dr. Afsaneh Nahavandi, Associate Dean, ASU College of Public Programs, spoke at the event, as well as Rev. Philip Reller, minister with United Church of Christ.

Students being recognized have earned a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management, a Master’s degree in Nonprofit Studies, or a Nonprofit Management Institute (NMI) professional development certificate.

“Those who graduated this year from our academic and professional development education programs are thoughtful, passionate, competent and diverse,” said Dr. Robert F. Ashcraft, director of the ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation and professor of nonprofit studies in the School of Community Resources and Development. “The nonprofit sector, and the communities in which nonprofits serve, are indeed in good hands thanks to the talents of these remarkable students,” Ashcraft added.

Students who received a graduate certificate in nonprofit leadership and management: Denise Bugallo, Kaja Brown, Jarrett Haskovec and Aimee Reid.

Students who received a Master of Nonprofit Studies degree: Alexia Aron, Ashlee Beetso, Lauren Bridge, Lindsay Brown, Jacob Bunch, Kaitlan Capalbo, Kiyomi Damper, Dorilene Davies-Venn, Denise Farrand, Brian Fergus, Abel Flores, Elizabeth Flores, Elene Fox, Czerina Garcia, Stephanie Garman, Malissa Geer, Brian Hennigan, Kimberly Hopely, Gregory Leet, Bianca Lucero, Caroline Lydiah, Naisarian, Abby Maestas, Jeffrey Malkoon, Michael Mayhew, Marcus Monenerkit, Katrina Murray, Bobbi Nez, Iris-Marie Norvor, Jennifer O’Brien, Felipe Ruiz Acosta, Catherine Tonsich, Cynthia Vargo, Elizabeth Weese, Marcella Welton and Andrea Whitsett.

NMI professional development certificates will be awarded to: Nancy Baldwin, Myrna Cardenas, Angela Chambers, Kailynn Emmel, Virginia Froncek, Frank Gallardo, Terry Hamlin, Sue Holmes, Lloyd Hopkins, Diane Lesser, Irma Leyendecker, Melanie Nelson, Gloria Payne, Jodi Polanski, Gracie Quiroz, Carrie Schmidt, Cathy Tullgren and Larry Villano.

The ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation is recognized as a national leader in undergraduate and graduate nonprofit education, research and technical assistance. The ASU Lodestar Center exists to enhance the quality of life in communities through the advancement of nonprofit leadership practices and provides knowledge and tools to build the capacity of nonprofit organizations, professionals, board members, donors and volunteers by offering a selection of capacity building workshops, conferences, classes, and programs. For more information, visit: