How to make the most of your LinkedIn presence as a student

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LinkedIn isn’t just for your parents anymore. In fact, there are many ways that you can begin networking and exploring potential careers as a student. Read through these eight tips that will help you make the most out of your LinkedIn profile today.

1. Create a student profile. The benefit to the student profile is that you can add clubs, organizations, community service and academic achievements. You can, of course, still add relevant work experience like a normal LinkedIn profile.

2. Upload a professional photo. This could be the first impression you make with potential employers. You’ll want to upload a headshot wearing professional attire.

3. Utilize the Devils Hiring Devils program in the ASU LinkedIn group. The group is filled with over 34,000 alumni members who are eager to provide career advice and assist with your job search. All you have to do is join and craft your pitch to the group.

4. Use relevant keywords to describe yourself. Keywords are crucial to finding relevant connections in the search tool. Select three to four that accurately describe the position and field you wish to enter (ie; "digital media," "journalism," "social media," etc.).

5. Personalize your connection requests. Instead of the canned message, create something specific for each request you send. If you met an employer at a career fair, send something like, “It was great meeting you at the ASU Career Fair on April 9. I’d like to connect to further discuss the internship openings in the graphic design sector of your company.”

6. Ask for recommendations. Add credibility to your experience and skills by asking those you’ve worked closely with to write you a personalized recommendation on your profile. It doesn’t have to be long. Just a paragraph or two and you’re good to go.

7. Try out LinkedIn Professional Portfolio. You’ll be able to add visual content such as videos, images and Slideshare presentations to your profile.

8. Search for positions using the job board. LinkedIn pulls information from your profile to recommend jobs that are tailored to your experience.

Looking for even more tips? Visit LinkedIn now.