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Former Devils to battle in Super Bowl

January 25, 2010

Arizona State football congratulates former Sun Devils Mike Pollak and Jason Kyle for earning a trip to Super Bowl XLIV with their teams. Pollak plays for the Colts, while Kyle plays for the Saints.

Pollak played offensive line for Arizona State from 2004 to 2007, earning a Pac-10 title during the 2007 season. He was a second round pick of the Indianapolis Colts in the 2008 NFL draft.

Kyle was a Sun Devil in 1993 and 1994. He is in his 15th season in the NFL and first with the New Orleans Saints. He was a fourth round pick of the Seattle Seahawks in the 1995 NFL draft.

Pollak and Kyle will become the 36th and 37th Sun Devils to make it to the Super Bowl. At least one Sun Devil has been on a Super Bowl roster in 14 of the 17 years. Last season, Marvel Smith and Terrelle Smith were in the game.