Five former Sun Devils selected in the NFL Draft

<p>This was a big weekend for ASU football as five former Sun Devils - S <a href="">J… Barrett</a>, LB <a href="">R… James</a>, C <a href="">Mi… Pollak</a>, RB <a href="">Ry… Torain</a> and CB <a href="">J… Tryon</a> - heard their names called in the National Football League's annual draft.</p><separator></separator><p>Pollak was the first Sun Devil to be selected when the Indianapolis Colts selected him with their first pick (second round, <a href=";player_id=504">59th overall selection</a>) on Saturday.</p><separator></separator><p>Four more Sun Devils joined the professional football ranks on Sunday beginning with Tryon, who was taken with the 25th pick of the fourth round (<a href="">124th overall selection</a>) by the Washington Redskins.</p><separator></separator><p>Little time would pass before James and Torain saw their names flashed on the draft ticker as they were taken with successive fifth-round picks by the Atlanta Falcons (<a href="">… overall selection</a>) and Denver Broncos (<a href=";contentID=8662">139th overall selection</a>), respectively.</p><separator></separator><p>Torain found out later in the day that he would not be the only former Sun Devil in Denver when the Broncos selected Barrett with the 13th pick of the seventh round (<a href=";contentID=8666">220th overall selection</a>).</p><separator></separator><p>The quintet joined 22 other former Sun Devils who were represented on NFL rosters when the weekend began.</p><separator></separator><p>&nbsp;</p>