Fellowships awarded to doctoral students

Doctoral Fellowship awardees
<p>&nbsp;ASU&#39;s Graduate College has awarded fourteen fellowships to provide support to first-year doctoral students participating in research that can impact society and our quality of life.</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Doctoral student Jacelyn Rice is seeking improvements in water quality as part of her research in ASU&#39;s Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering program.</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Kelsey Young of the School of Earth and Space Exploration is studying ways to shrink the communication gap between NASA engineers and geologists. She is doing research on a tool that astronauts could use on planetary surfaces to make geologic and engineering data collection easier.</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Individual bicultural and biracial development is the subject of research by Camille Dominique Basilio in Psychology.</p><separator></separator><p>Students are nominated for the fellowship by their academic unit. They must demonstrate academic excellence and be underrepresented in their field of study. Doctoral Enrichment Fellows receive a monetary award for the first academic year plus a resident tuition waiver and student health insurance. In the second year, the academic unit will provide a TA or RA position or a financial equivalent award.</p><separator></separator><p>&quot;These students were selected based on their strong record of accomplishment and academic promise,&quot; says Andrew Webber, associate vice provost. &quot;I am confident they will make outstanding contributions to their academic fields and to the ASU community.&quot;</p><separator></separator><p>The new Doctoral Enrichment fellows are:</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Diana Barela, Sociology</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Camille Basilio, Psychology</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Alhaji Cherif, Applied Mathematics for Life &amp; Social Science</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Christopher Clayton, Civil Engineering</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Ricardo Cordero-Soto, Applied Mathematics for Life &amp; Social Science</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Jean Crissien, Political Science</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Kori Hamilton, Educational Leadership &amp; Policy Studies</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Yazmin Lazcano, English</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Carlos Lopez, History</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Jacelyn Rice, Civil Engineering</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Will Russell, Anthropology</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Jessica Solyom, Justice Studies</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Sabrina Thomas, History</p><separator></separator><p>&bull; Kelsey Young, Geology</p>