Faculty, staff discuss favorite Sun Devil moments, upcoming football season

Why renew your season tickets by May 18 for the upcoming ASU football season? Take your answer from several of your fellow Sun Devils who hold season tickets and are not shy about their experiences over the years.

They refuse to miss a game, and an opportunity to cheer and support the Devils to victory.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the journey, as Coach Todd Graham, his staff and your student-athletes take to the field to put ASU back on top of the Pac-12.


What position do you play at ASU?

Evelyn Trujillo: Business operations specialist in the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development


David Bacerra: I am an assistant professor in the School of Social Work.

Arlene Chin: Assistant director of International Undergraduate Admissions.


How long have you been a season ticker holder?

Evelyn: Off and on, about 10 years


David: I had student tickets back in the mid-1990s, but I bought my first non-student season tickets in 2003. After I graduated with my Ph.D. in 2008, I was hired as an assistant professor at Colorado State, but I kept my season tickets. When I was hired back to ASU in 2011, I made sure I bought faculty tickets and added additional tickets for my two boys. The games are a great experience, and I feel that the general public, but ASU faculty in particular, should support our great Sun Devil men's and women's teams

Arlene: Almost continuously since I was an undergrad … minus a few budget-conscious years immediately after graduation. On record, probably since 1994.


Where are your seats?

Evelyn: First eight years, Section 13 and last two years, Section 214.

David: My seats are located in Section 240, Row 13


Arlene: Section 29, row 5 seats 1-2 (approximately on the 30 yard line on the east side).


What is your favorite Sun Devil football moment?

Evelyn: 1996 ASU vs. Nebraska game. Everyone went wild!  We were tailgating at the park that is now Tempe Beach Park. The fans stormed the field and tore down the goal post, and people were throwing them over the bridge on Mill. Our kids got some of those pieces and still have them to this day. It was a great game!

David: There are so many great moments in Sun Devil history. As a student, my favorite Sun Devil moment was definitely the 19-0 upset of then No. 1 Nebraska. That was an amazing moment and the crowd was electric. It showed the nation that the Devils were for real!

Other favorite moments include seeing Terrell Suggs get a record-breaking 24 sacks in a season. Terry Richardson returning a 71-yard punt against the UA in 2005 to tie the game and eventually help beat the UA. James Brooks blocking tow UA extra points in 2010 to beat the UA in Tucson.

Also, despite the disappointing end to last season, there were many great moments. One was being able to take my two boys, Diego and Andres, to the first blackout and watching the Devils beat Missouri. Also, finally beating USC was great! It was another great crowd with lots of enthusiasm.  

Arlene: I love when the team gathers to thank the fans and sing the fight song after a Sun Devil victory. At that moment, we are not separated as fans and players. … We are all Sun Devils in that moment. Oh, and anytime that we beat UA. My favorite was in 1996 – I think the score was 56-14.


What do you like most about going to the games?

Evelyn: I love all the tailgating and pre-game hoopla! The excitement of when the team runs out on the field gives me goose bumps and great pride!

David: I have always loved going to the ASU football games. As a student it was part of student life on Saturday nights. Now my wife, my two boys and I continue to be enjoy the wonderful experience – the electricity of Sun Devil Stadium, the band, the fireworks, Sparky, and of course watching the Sun Devil football team.

Arlene: Many great memories have been created and shared at home and away games with my friends. We often select an away game to attend, and people travel from across the country for these mini reunions.


What words of advice/encouragement do you have for Coach Graham and the team?

Evelyn: I think a positive move would be to instill ASU pride and traditions to inspire the coach, team and fans. I would love to see all of the excitement and pride return to our football program as we used to have in the Frank Kush days. The talk about returning to Camp Tontozona is a great start. I’m looking forward to what the new season will bring with new leadership.

David: There is nothing that I can say that Coach Graham probably hasn't already said to the team, but despite the turmoil of last season and the off-season, Coach Graham and the team should know that Sun Devil nation is behind them. We want to see a team that fights hard, plays to its full potential, and never gives up. We hope to see them back in the Rose Bowl!

Arlene: Please play hard and smart. And, beat UA.

To renew your season tickets, click here. If you renew by May 18, you will receive a special faculty-staff loyalty discount among other benefits.