Exercise – there’s no excuse!

<p>It’s easy to come up with reasons not to exercise. <br />“I’m too busy.”<br />“I can’t afford the membership to a health club.”<br />“It’s too hard.”</p><separator></separator><p><br />If these anti-exercise mantras sound familiar, it may be time for an attitude adjustment. “Get Moving - Exercise for Everyday Life” is the topic of a free noon lecture to be presented Wednesday, Sept. 26, at the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus Mercado by Karen S. Danner, founder and CEO of Love Yourself Well in Chandler.</p><separator></separator><p><br />Many people think that they have to engage in a major workout to reap benefits from exercise. But it doesn’t need to be so daunting; even changing simple habits count. People need to adjust the way they think about exercise and incorporate activity into their daily lives, Danner says.</p><separator></separator><p><br />“It really is about establishing some kind of practice, no matter what it is,” she says.</p><separator></separator><p><br />Working exercise habits into daily life is easier when individuals understand how good it is for them.  “There are so many small things that are so beneficial,” Danner says. Taking the stairs, walking and doing simple exercises are just a few of the activities that will have people feeling better about themselves while their physical health improves. Sometimes it’s just a matter of putting on a pair of tennis shoes and going out the door instead of watching television. If it’s too hot to walk outside, try mall walking.</p><separator></separator><p><br />“There’s a whole (walking) community out there,” Danner says.  “The bottom line is that you started something.”</p><separator></separator><p><br />RSVP to <a href="mailto:ASUlectures@asu.edu">ASUlectures@asu.edu</a&gt;. Please leave your name, telephone number and the title of the lecture. The Mercado is located at 502 E. Monroe St.</p>