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Crow praises faculty, staff at Tempe campus recognition celebration

May 02, 2013

ASU President Michael M. Crow shared several inspiring anecdotes with attendees at the May 1 Employee Recognition Celebration in the Memorial Union on the Tempe campus. Crow's stories illustrated how world leaders now recognize and validate ASU as one of the leading research universities in the country.

This achievement, he said, is the result of the commitment and contributions of ASU faculty and staff.  

“All of you are part of a team advancing one of the most important institutions that exists," Crow said during this employee recognition event. "Our job is to stimulate change in the future by who we educate – to stimulate change in the future by the ideas that we produce – and to stimulate change in the future by the things that we produce. 

"And all of you, regardless of your role within the institution, are a part of making all of that happen. And it’s very important what we’re doing and very important to the future of the world.”

The event is one component of ASU’s Employee Recognition Program.

An Employee Recognition Celebration also took place at the West campus on May 2.

Celebrations are planned on May 9 at the Polytechnic campus and May 14 at the Downtown Phoenix campus.