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Counseling can ease holiday stress and sadness

December 12, 2007

The holidays can be an emotional time for people, especially if they’ve suffered the loss of a spouse or partner. Confidential counseling services are available for faculty and staff at the Downtown Phoenix campus from the Employee Assistance Office at the College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation Medical Center and University Center. Counseling can help faculty and staff cope with work-related and/or personal issues. Call (480) 965-2271 or e-mail for an appointment. For more information, visit

Students who would like to schedule a counseling session may contact Dr. Sonja Sollenberger at the ASU Health Center on the Downtown Phoenix Campus by calling (602) 496-0721. Specify that you’d like a mental health counseling appointment. Dr. Sollenberger has a doctorate in counseling psychology and has worked in a variety of counseling centers including Texas A&M’s Student Counseling Center and at a psychiatric hospital.

Counseling hours are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday. Sessions take place in the College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation building at 500 N. Third Street.  Entrance is on Taylor Street between Second and Third Streets.  The ASU Health Center accepts the ABOR University Student Health Plan (Chickering) as well as several major health insurance plans. Students may also pay by cash or check, Sun Card, credit card or charge services to their student account.