Byrne wins another overseas tournament

<p> Arizona State junior golfer <a href="">James Byrne</a> is on a pretty good roll.</p><separator></separator><p>Last week, the 20-year old posted a seven-stroke win in the Tennant Cup. He decided to go one better with an eight-stroke win at the SolarSport East of Scotland amateur championship with a 22-under-par...yes, 22-under-par...262 (65-63-67-67) this weekend.</p><separator></separator><p>Finishing second was someone Byrne convinced to come over and play some golf, as Sun Devil classmate <a href="">S… Pinckney</a> posted a 14-under 270 (73-70-64-63) to finish second. Steven McEwan finished third at 11-under 273 (72-69-66-66).</p><separator></separator><p>It marks a record-low for the tournament and sent tournament officials scrambling to see if the margin of victory is a record as well.</p><separator></separator><p>It has been a good month for Byrne, who tied for fourth in the Scottish open among amateurs in stroke play, advanced to the round of 16 of the British Amateur, won the Tennant Cup and tied course record twice.</p><separator></separator>How good was Byrne after 54 holes? He had an eleven stroke lead. <!-- STORY AD BEGINS HERE --></p>