Bicycle thief's attempts thwarted by ASU Police, proactive cyclist

ASU Police urges community to register bikes

A bicycle thief was arrested and an ASU student has her bike back, thanks to the efforts of ASU Police and the student who took the time to register her bike.

ASU Police officer Luke Khalid was working the night shift when he noticed a man crawl from under a bush and ride off on a bike against traffic. Khalid stopped to question the man, and another officer who arrived to assist him recognized the man from a previous arrest.

After receiving permission to check the bike’s serial number, they discovered Hannah Go’s name on the bike underneath the seat. A call to ASU Police Dispatch revealed that the bike was registered with the police department and a call to Go revealed that she was, in fact, the owner of the bike.

The thief was arrested and Go was reunited with her bike.

“They got the man who stole it. He cut my wire lock," Go said. Learn how to properly lock a bike.

ASU community members who take the time to register their bikes with the ASU Police Department may be able to recover it if it is stolen. ASU Police can track registered bikes and reunite stolen bikes with their owners if the bikes are recovered.

There’s extra incentive to register bikes during the Spring 2013 semester. ASU students, faculty and staff who have registered their bikes with the ASU Police Department since Nov. 13, 2012 are eligible to win prizes during the spring 2013 Get in Gear bike registration contest. Two weekly prizes will be awarded to contest participants, Jan. 28-March 8, 2013, and a grand prize winner will be selected at the close of the Get in Gear contest period.

Participants who registered their bikes during the fall semester’s Get in Gear contest won prizes such as bicycle safety kits, ASU-branded outerwear and ASU Campus Stores gift cards. One lucky winner recently was selected and will receive an iPod Nano.

Find out more about preventing bike theft and learn how to register your bike with the ASU Police Department at