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ASU holds Camp Tontozona scrimmage

August 16, 2008

Head Coach Dennis Erickson

On where the team is at after this scrimmage:

"We're where we need to be defensively, although we need to improve. If we want to become a dominant defense, then we've got to be better than we are. We've got to tackle better. We missed some tackles. On the other side of the football, we're not executing very well. We're not throwing and catching, though we had some guys out, obviously, with some injuries. So we've got to continue to improve. We'll get better as time goes on. It's a young group. They will get better and better all the time. I thought in our kicking game, Thomas [Weber] obviously kicked extremely well. What I'm excited about is how he's punting. He's punting the ball extremely well. I thought there was a lot of intensity, but we've got a long way to go to be where we need to be."

On the tradition of Camp Tontozona:

"The guys that have been up here, obviously, know the tradition, because they've slept in those cabins. It was nice. We got together last night, we ate, had a good meal and then everybody watched a movie together. Then to come down here and practice, and have a great crowd like this, it was really worth the trip."

On Rudy Carpenter's play today:

"Well, Rudy's learning that there are certain things you can't do with the ball. It's a lot easier to throw it out of bounds and have it be 2nd and 10 than have it be 2nd and 25. That's a process that we've worked on since last fall. He's getting better at that."




Rudy Carpenter101611300
Danny Sullivan8197201
Jack Elway374010
Samson Szakacsy243700
Chasen Stangel211500



James Morrison10670
Ryan Bass6380
Jarrell Woods4110
Dimitri Nance580
Samson Szakacsy250
Giovannie Dixon100
Keegan Herring4-51



Kyle Williams6660
T.J. Simpson4490
Keelan Johnson2311
Jovon Williams1220
Kerry Taylor2210
Wes Evans2170
Andrew Pettes1150
A.J. Pickens1150
Dan Knapp2140
Dimitri Nance2120
Dustin Driscoll180
James Morrison1-30


Defensive Superlatives

Sacks - Lawrence GuyShelly Lyons, Brandon Magee, Jamarr Robinson

Pass Deflections - Terell CarrTravis GoethelGerald MunnsTroy NolanAnthony ReyesToa Tuitea

Fumble Recovery - Pierre Singfield

Interception - Dexter Davis


Field Goals

Thomas Weber 3-5 (Made 32, 42, 47, Missed 37, 52)

Zach Richards 1-2 (Made 37, Missed 47)