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ASU golf teams partner for APS Power Players

February 17, 2009

The Arizona State golf teams partnered with APS to take part in the APS Power Players clinic, last Friday at the Karsten Golf Course in Tempe. It was the first time the golf teams had partnered with APS in their Power Players program.

Head coaches Melissa Luellan (women's), and Randy Lein (men's), along with assistant coaches and current players, provided approximately forty students from Tempe's Gililland Middle School with lessons on putting, short game, long game and fitness.

"ASU has been a great partner for us to stress the importance of 'student' in 'student athlete,'" said Brooke Satow, Support Technician, E-Business/Creative Services.

"This is a good opportunity to show kids how sports, good grades and good character go hand in hand," she said. "Having a clinic at ASU also shows these students a little slice of what college is like. Maybe it will make them want to continue their education after high school."

The main purpose of the clinic though was to learn about character. No matter what country you come from or language you speak, having good character means being:
• Trustworthy,
• Respectful,
• Responsible,
• Fair,
• Caring, and
• A good citizen

"Having good character means if someone drops a wallet, you give it back," said Gililland student Kimberly Routt.

To help drive that message to the students, Von Bryant, a national trainer with the Boy's and Girl's Clubs, was on hand. He told them how being a person of good character will open doors in their lives that they never knew existed. Bryant reminded the students how good it felt whenever they got a good swing and hit the golf ball a long way into the air.

"You hit the ball because you were focused," he said. "Being a person of good character is about focusing."

Through the APS Power Players program, students have the opportunity to receive professional athletic instruction coupled with some very important life lessons. The purpose of these clinics is not only for students to receive sports training from professional athletes/staff, but also to learn about the importance of good character in life. The program also provides development or improvement of select athletic facilities statewide.