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Alumni Association announces partnership with Arizona Sports Rentals

September 13, 2012

Arizona State University alumni can make extra money with their dwelling in the Valley of the Sun, thanks to a new partnership between the ASU Alumni Association and Arizona Sports Rentals.

Arizona Sports Rentals, a subsidiary of Rent Like a Champion, serves as a conduit that connects fans traveling to the Valley of the Sun for ASU and Arizona Cardinals home football games, Major League Baseball spring training, PGA golf tournaments, college bowl games, and other events, with local homeowners who are able to rent out their living spaces to sports tourists.

The company offers single-family homes, condominiums, investment properties and other spaces to tourists; homeowners can select the dates they would like to rent out their property months in advance of the event. The U.S. tax code allows homeowners to rent out their homes in exchange for tax-free income for up to 14 days each year.
Information on booking a sports rental in Arizona, or listing a home as a potential sports rental property, is available at