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40 hours in Dublin

July 21, 2010

EDITOR'S NOTE: Throughout the summer, ASU students studying abroad will be writing back to the states about their overseas adventures. Fostering international student experiences is just one part of ASU's commitment to making a global impact.

Marie's blog:
During the London study abroad trip, we have two free days. During this small gap of time, there are no scheduled events, nowhere we have to be, nothing we have to do. Many of my classmates took this as a chance to explore parts of London that are not on the itinerary and to simply relax after our busy days.

I, however, went to Ireland.

How could I not? It's only one hour away by plane. I have never been before, even though the majority of my family comes from the country. So I booked the flights, arranged transport to and from the airport, and got a hotel room. Then, with a friend who is not part of the ASU program but happened to be in London, I was off!

It was amazing. Dublin is absolutely adorable, and so much fun. In just under 40 hours, I got plenty of exploring in. Going to Ireland is the best decision I have made on this trip.

Moral of the story: Travel during your free time. You will not regret it.

Not that London and Britain aren't fabulous, of course. This week has been particularly awesome. Yesterday, we went to Stonehenge! To be honest, it is one of the activities I have been looking forward to most – and it did not disappoint. Seeing those huge, monstrous rocks and hearing the history of how they might have gotten their and how their creators viewed them is awe-inspiring.

Now, I am off to work on some homework questions for our next module. Healing institution, traditions, power and knowledge? Yes, please. As always, the schoolwork is fascinating.

Marie Manning, a global health major, will be a senior this fall. She is studying abroad in New Zealand, Fiji and London this summer.