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’Tis the season… to stay safe

December 12, 2007

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we forget to be aware and stay safe.  Here are some tips to help make this holiday season a safe one:

* Do not leave personal items unattended.
* Walk with a partner or call (602) 495-1500 for a security escort from Copper Square.  Ambassadors 15 minutes prior to departure. Or, call ASU Police and Police Aids at (480) 965-3456.
* Don’t leave candles unattended.
* Do not drink and drive or you will end up in a chain gang wearing pink shirts.
* Watch your children, especially during celebrations and in crowded shopping malls.
* Unplug holiday lights at night.
* Protect your credit cards and pay with cash at restaurants.
* Don’t carry large amounts of cash.
* Use secure Web sites to purchase items.
* Ensure any donations are going to a true charity.
* Keep holiday treats away from pets – raisins, chocolate, onions and grapes can be toxic to animals.
* Watch your step when carrying heavy loads and many packages.
* Make copies of your credit cards and keep those in a safe place.
* Enjoy the holiday season!