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Biomedical informatics professor to chair conference

April 12, 2010

ASU Department of Biomedical Informatics professor Kanav Kahol will chair the 2nd International Ambient Systems Conference being held in Phoenix.  The conference is a forum on topics relating to human interactions with technology. 

Other organizing and program committee members that are participating in this year’s conference are the leaders of their fields around the world.  The conference is hosted by the International Society for Computer Tomography, which works to improve the health care needs of the general public by supporting sciences and health care research.

“Last year the conference met for the first time in Quebec,” said Kahol.  “Most work with ambient systems is done outside the U.S.,” said Kahol, “but ASU is in a great position to be a part of it this year.”

Kahol participated in last year’s conference as a guest lecturer. “I did a workshop with haptic and ambient systems and because of the success of the workshop I was invited to be general chair for this year’s conference,” said Kahol.  Haptic technology is hardware and software which interfaces with the user through the sense of touch.  

Kahol guest-edited a special issue in IEEE Transactions on haptics in ambient systems.  He is the manager of the Human Machine Symbiosis Lab at ASU and he organized the haptics in ambient systems workshop in 2008.

Paper submissions are accepted until May 31.  The conference meets on December 2-3, 2010.

Please visit Ambi-Sys Conference for more information.