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Study abroad at ASU: How it works

ASU student on her study abroad to India

ASU student Mollie Rubin on her study abroad in India. Photo courtesy of Mollie Rubin.

August 12, 2020

On the surface, studying abroad is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime way for students to enhance their college experience and engage immersively in an international community. 

But when you dig a little deeper, it can be so much more. Students take on classes that reach new depths in all subjects, from the culture of food in Japan to the innovation of neuroscience in London

Sun Devils return home with skills like confidence, global awareness and problem-solving as some of their greatest souvenirs. 

Not to mention the boost on their resume and the springboard that just the right program can be for their future career. No matter what their goals may be, studying abroad helps any student stand out on future applications for graduate, medical or professional school, or jobs and internships.

With more than 250 programs spanning all seven continents in more than 65 different countries, that is easy to do. ASU students have the chance to travel the globe, all while taking classes that count as ASU course credit. 

And the best part? These experiences are open to every student at ASU. 

Student-athletes, ASU Online students, Greek Life members and nontraditional students can all be a part of journeys from Brazil to Botswana.

With study abroad programs that range from one week to a full academic year, any student can tailor their program to fit their goals and commitments they have here in Arizona and beyond. 

Requirements for study abroad will depend on the program, but for the most part, if a student has a cumulative GPA of 2.0, is in good standing with the ASU Student Code of Conduct and is enrolled as a degree-seeking student — the plane is waiting for you!

There are so many different programs available to students— the hardest part might just be choosing one. 

All programs for study abroad at ASU fall under four categories. 

The shorter-term programs are typically led by ASU faculty members. These include summer faculty-directed programs, where ASU faculty lead students on a program either internationally or domestically, and Global Intensive Experience programs, the Study Abroad Office’s shortest programs that generally take place over an academic break. 

The longer-term programs include partnership programs that occur during semesters or over the summer. For these programs, the ASU Study Abroad Office partners with an outside provider that organizes the study abroad experience for ASU students and other students from universities across the country.

A student can also choose to do an exchange program, where the ASU student enrolls in an international university, attends classes and participates in activities just as a local student at that university would. Exchanges are typically a semester or longer in duration, but a few summer programs are available as well.

Once abroad, there are several housing options for students that largely depend on their selected program. Generally these will include either dorm-style on-campus housing, apartment-living or homestays with local families. 

Sun Devils earn ASU credit and grades for courses completed on the program, allowing them to maintain progress toward their degree requirements and ensure they are staying on track for their degree. Students can even search for programs by particular class credits they are aiming to complete while abroad.

Students can choose a program centered on their major or work towards earning minor, certificate or elective credits while abroad. Students can even foster their passions abroad ranging from nutrition to soccer to volunteering. There are no limits when it comes to where you can go and what you can learn. 

All students will be enrolled at ASU for the duration of the program, enabling them to remain eligible for financial aid and scholarships through ASU. After it’s all said and done, the cost of a student’s experience could be less than or equal to being on campus!

Where will you go? Start researching your dream program today

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