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Over the last few months, we’ve all had to adapt in many different aspects of our lives, facing questions we likely hadn’t had to consider before. For many of us, a big one was, “Well, what do I do now that I don’t have access to a gym?”

Sure, we’ve all heard of working out at home, and it seems fairly straightforward on the surface. Maybe some of us have tried it a bit in the past, or even have family or friends with a small home gym who’ve advocated for it. But what if you don’t have any equipment? How can you build a totally new routine without everything you’re used to training with? How can you stay motivated with all the distractions at home and everything going on in life?

Even at home, with a little creativity and a willingness to learn, you can have an incredibly effective workout routine, tailored to your own health and fitness journey. From the basics of bodyweight fitness to at-home exercises to staying motivated and inspired, let’s take a look at a couple tips that can help you create and maintain a whole new workout program from the comfort of your home. 

Resources to dive deeper into fitness and wellness

Wellness @ ASU - ASU’s Live Well Community, focused on providing resources and support for your health and wellness goals.

Live Well @ Home - Part of Wellness @ ASU, Live Well @ Home provides livestreams every week about maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle at home while providing health and wellness education.

Fitness Blender - Good resource for people of all fitness levels looking to create a workout program that can fit their specific needs.

Darebee - Comprehensive fitness site that covers all things fitness, from nutrition, to workouts, yoga, programs, challenges, exercise examples, etc. - One of the largest online fitness communities with lots of resources more targeted toward intermediate and advanced training.

Exercise Physiology Video Lecture - A free, comprehensive lecture from Dr. Mike Istraetel on the science behind our muscles, how they function, and how they adapt to resistance training.

Cole Chance Yoga - Video playlist of a variety of yoga and flexibility exercises to incorporate into your program.

/r/bodyweightfitness - Dedicated community focused on bodyweight fitness and calisthenics.

Stronger by Science - Thorough article on working out at home. The site as a whole focuses on providing information, training and resources, with more of a research-based, scientific approach behind their programs.

Workout apps featured in the video

Fitbit Coach


Adidas Training

Asana Rebel

Home Workout - App Store - Home Workout - Play Store


Nike Running Club

Nike Training Club




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