The idea of creating an ASU-specific video started two years ago, said Allen Clark, executive director of preparedness and security initiatives at ASU. It came about in part by seeing other universities create their own active-shooter safety videos, combined with faculty input on the best way to present this type of valuable safety information to students. 

Early on, the idea was to engage students to be part of the video, since they are more in tune with other students and understand their viewing habits. It was also cost-effective. 

“We went to Student Creative Services; we launched, and off we went,” Clark said. “I think we came up with an extremely good video.”

ASU Student Creative Services Director Dan Dickson guided the student team that managed the major production aspects of the video. Rick Bauer, workplace safety training manager with ASU’s Environmental Health and Safety Office, led the overall project, which entailed coordinating with university stakeholders and arranging support from many others, including outside agencies like the Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department.

A project of this magnitude meant the students had to balance managing a large crew and cast while tackling other aspects of the video production, which ranged from working with parameters set forth by university leadership to the many rewrites that helped refine the script. 

“It was a huge challenge,” said student June Hucko, an ASU SCS media production associate who served as director of photography for the video. “But it was very rewarding because we still found a way to make it creative and keep people engaged and help them learn about what to do in this kind of situation.”

Jerry Gonzalez

Assistant Director, Media Relations and Strategic Communications