Q: What’s next now that you have your degree?

A: This summer I’ll be doing an internship with a property management company that manages hotels. They didn’t have an internship program, but I reached out with a proposal. I revised it a couple of times. I’ll be their first intern. I’m super excited to be on board. I came up with the whole proposal and responsibilities on my own, and they’ve been very supportive.

Then I’ll be pursuing a master’s in international affairs and global management at the ASU Thunderbird School of Global Management. My dad is an alumnus, class of 2003. Eventually, I would like to work in consulting or planning to develop newly found tourist destinations in Asia and South America.  

Q: What is one issue that is close to your heart that you hope to help solve?

A: One of the biggest issues, that obviously one human being can’t fix, in the tourism industry is how companies build huge hotels in Third World countries and all of the money leaks back out. Locals end up getting 4 percent of the entire profit. I’d like to help bridge that gap. I’d like to help bring a local voice to gain a better understanding the cultural and social impacts.

Also, the U.S. is very technology-driven — everything is on our cellphone. However, there are certain countries that are not there yet. We need to look at how we can improve the use of technology to enhance the tourist experience.  

I am highly passionate about the tourism industry and applying it as a tool for economic growth and multicultural collaboration.

Written by Heather Beshears