ASU Enterprise Partners Employee of the Year takes her passion to work

(From left) ASU Enterprise Partners Employee of the Year Nominees William Kavan and Lisa Roubal-Brown and ASU Enterprise Partners Employee of the Year Linda Raish from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Development team with Dean Patrick Kenney.


When you think of the phrase “employee of the year,” you may envision framed headshots of star employees in every office, coffee shop and marketplace you’ve been to. But honoring the amazing work done by those who deserve recognition is important in every line of work, and Linda Raish is one of those outstanding individuals.

Awarded the Arizona State University Enterprise Partners Employee of the Year for 2018, Raish, the director of development, natural sciences for the ASU Foundation in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, has proven to be an incredible asset. 

The award was established in 2014 in order recognize and honor employees who exhibit characteristics of innovation, engagement, and service and care toward the ASU community.

“We strive to make a difference for students, faculty and the greater community,” said Raish. “We care so much for our donors who help advance change, so it is such an honor to be recognized for this service to the university.”

Candidates are nominated by colleagues who believe they practice and uphold the mission and values of the ASU Foundation, “We serve. We engage. We innovate. We care.” Raish was nominated by Senior Director of Development for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences ASU Foundation William Kavan, who was also a nominee for this year’s award.

“Linda is an outstanding team member. I nominated her because of her dedication to our values of caring, serving, innovating and engaging,” said Kavan. “Linda winning the award shows what a strong team we have [at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences].”

Raish previously worked in the environmental science field at the Desert Botanical Garden and the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy. She took her love for the environment and has now worked in the natural sciences in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences for more than 10 years.

She serves as a front-line fundraiser for the ASU Foundation, combining her passions for science, people and philanthropic work to engage in the ASU community and help raise funds for the natural sciences, its students and faculty.

“The most important thing about my work is that it enables impact,” said Raish. “The opportunity to make a difference at ASU is everywhere, and getting to be involved in that through my work is awe-inspiring.”

Having received the award, Raish will continue on in her work to bring funding where it is most needed. Unyielding, her drive to make an impact among the ASU community is more alive than ever.

“This award will strengthen the relationships I have with the alumni, faculty and staff of liberal arts and sciences units,” said Raish. “They will have even more trust in me and the impact we can create together. There is so much left to do, and I hope that I am able to work at ASU forever.”

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