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ASU student publication seeks submissions

Lux Undergraduate Creative Review

Lux Undergraduate Creative Review has been published for 13 years with support from Barrett, The Honors College at ASU. Content submissions are now being accepted for its14th annual publication. Photo by Nicole Greason/Barrett, The Honors College.

November 28, 2017

For Ranjani Venkatakrishnan, being on the staff of Lux Undergraduate Creative Review is a rewarding and creative experience.

Venkatakrishnan, a sophomore in Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University who is majoring in journalism, serves as a poetry reviewer for Lux, which showcases literary, artistic, musical and cinematic work by undergraduate students. She reviews poetry submissions and helps decide which ones will make it into the publication.

“I think Lux is a great creative outlet. We review a lot of work submitted by talented people and the categories are anything you can put in a book, online, or on a CD. It encompasses many creative fields,” she said.

Students of all majors are on staff and produce Lux annually. Support for the publication is provided by Barrett, The Honors College. This year marks the publication’s 13th year. It also is the sixth year for the Lux Coffee Night in the Secret Garden, an event featuring poetry readings and musical performances by students. The next edition of Lux will appear in spring 2018.

Araceli Villezcas

Araceli Villezcas, Lux editor-in-chief. Photo by Nicole Greason/Barrett, The Honors College.

Lux accepts poetry, fiction, visual art, song lyrics, screenplays, creative non-fiction, music, and film from undergraduate students of any major. According to Araceli Villezcas, Lux editor in chief, the publication already has received plenty of fiction, visual art, and song lyric submissions and is accepting non-fiction, music, screenplay, and film contributions until December 10. Submission guidelines are at

The best work in each category selected for publication may receive a monetary award. Students whose work is selected in the music category will receive a free recording session with Blue Door Studios in Tempe, she said.

Lux editorial staff hiring takes place April through August, so students interested in a position should check the publication’s website for information on how to apply next semester, she added. Lux editors who are Barrett students may receive three honors credits, while other students in editorial positions may receive three internship credits.

Villezcas, a senior honors student majoring in communications and sustainability, said being Lux's main editor enhances her leadership skills and fuels her creativity.

“We get to work with a wide range of students from every background and with many talents, like students in STEM fields who are interested in creative areas like poetry, music and art,” she said.

Ranjani Venkatakrishnan

Ranjani Venkatakrishnan, Lux poetry reviewer. Photo courtesy Ranjani Venkatakrishnan.

Venkatakrishnan said Lux also is a place to forge new relationships and let out your inner performer.

“By being involved in Lux, I'd say the best thing I've gained is another group of friends. Also, Lux has shown me that there is a place for students to showcase their talent. Even if you don't make the final cut for publication, you can still perform at Coffee Night every year. It’s important to me to know there’s a place I can go to show people what I can do, even if I'm not the best (at it),” said Venkatakrishnan, who sang and recited poetry in front of an appreciative crowd at this year’s Coffee Night.

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