The students were divided into four groups and were provided a case study that they investigated to identify one of four genetic disorders. They researched the disorders throughout the week and presented to a panel of professional judges during their final day.

One of the Summer Health Institute’s sponsors, Affiliated Dermatology, sent their chief resident, Dr. Dustin Mullens, to judge the final presentations.

"The Summer Health Institute at ASU provides a unique opportunity for rising high school seniors interested in fields within the health care arena to come together for one week and learn both as an individual and as a member of a team,” Mullens said. “This culminated with the creation of four exceptional college-level presentations on various health diseases; educating their peers and guests, an essential component for any health care professional and life-long learner."

ASU student Keana Nguyen also served as a camp counselor this year. When Nguyen was a high school senior three years ago, she was part of the Summer Health Institute’s first cohort.

“From a young age, I had always been interested in helping others and I wanted to be involved in the medical field," she said. "Going through this program, it intensified the drive in me to become a pediatrician even further. Doing all the activities and simulations and talking to people about their careers was so cool to me.”

“Going through the program a second time as a counselor made me realize how much impact the first time had on me as a high school student,” Nguyen said. “It’s a great way for high school students to get a first-hand look into the medical field before they start their college careers. Thanks to the Summer Health Institute, I believe that I have the right combination of skills, resources and knowledge to make it through my last two years as an undergrad and will continue on to graduate school with confidence.”

All costs associated with the 2017 Summer Health Institute were generously underwritten by Affiliated Dermatology, Creighton University School of Medicine, and Dignity Health. 

Barb Millman

Communications Manager, College of Health Solutions