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Will Tucker, VI

July 25, 2016

Will Tucker VI, a Bachelor of Tuba Performance student, won and accepted the position of Principal Tuba in the Eastern Music Festival Orchestra, in Greensboro, North Carolina, for summer 2016.

"“Playing at Eastern Music Festival has been my dream since I first started playing my instrument,”" says Tucker. “"The best musicians I know all spent time at EMF and swear by the rigorous and intense training the festival provides.”"

Tucker says he is looking forward to sharing what he has learned at the festival with his Arizona State University tuba studio when he gets back at the end of the summer.

"“Interacting with fellow high-performance and upward-bound music students at this festival is helping me etch out a plan for breaking into the challenging music world that I’'ve chosen,”" says Tucker.

Having had time to reflect on his upcoming career during his time at EMF, Tucker says, “"Becoming a professional musician requires cunning, ambition and being highly proactive in order to establish a career. Getting a music degree has more to do with a culmination of skills than simply being able to play your instrument. But this festival has reminded me that the same music passion at ASU is shared all across America and this helps me remember why I have chosen this career field in the first place.”"