Masaru Sakuma and Chaz Salazar

Masaru Sakuma, a Doctor of Musical Arts in collaborative piano performance student, and Chaz Salazar, a Master of Music in flute performance student, traveled to Europe in June to perform in the Czech Republic and in Vienna, Austria.

"Dr. Donald Streets heard Masaru and me play at an in-home recital last year, and decided that we needed to be exposed to the rest of the world,”" Salazar says. “"He organized, sponsored and accompanied us on the trip.”"

The duo played in a variety of places, including in a concert hall at Vienna’s Palais Corbelli for students of Russell Ryan, a professor of practice in collaborative piano.

“"These types of opportunities help push your own boundaries and demand the best of yourself as a musician,”" says Sakuma.

"“Traveling abroad, I learned as much externally as I did about myself,”" Salazar says. "“It is important for young people to have this opportunity so they can see their home and the rest of the world from a different perspective. It was a truly enriching and enlivening experience.”"