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Jonothon Howard a.k.a. Jonothon Lyons

November 11, 2010

Jonothon Howard, aka Jonothon Lyons, earned his Bachelor of Arts in theatre in 2004 from the Arizona State University School of Theatre and Film. He currently is puppeteering the title character in Moises Kaufman's "Puss in Boots," which opened in October 2010 at the New Victory Theatre in New York.

Howard plans to follow-up his current show by joining the cast of Basil Twist's "Petrushka" at the Paramount Theatre in Boston. Howard also has won the New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Original Short Script for his play The Tenement, which ran at HERE Arts Center in August 2009. The production was a collaboration between Howard and Daniel Brodie, a fellow ASU alumnus, and was nominated for an additional seven New York Innovative Theatre Awards, including Outstanding Production of a Play. Since 2007, Howard has been using Jonothon Lyons as his professional name.