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Mary Lane Porter

August 15, 2016

Mary Lane Porter is a Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate in the Arizona State University School of Dance. During 2010, her nonprofit organization, Dancers And Health Together (DAHT), Inc., received grant and pledge support from various organizations, including: the Performing Arts Venture Experience within the ASU School of Theatre and Film; the Do Something organization;; and also was approved by five of the Osborn School District schools for fall 2010 community programs.

Porter is the founder, CEO, and the Board of Trustees President for DAHT, Inc., a nonprofit organization with a mission to present opportunities that develop awareness of the mind and body connection through dance. Porter started the nonprofit because she says that she began noticing too many people focus on what their minds can do for the world, but they forget about their bodies. From personal experience and witnessing other similar stories, Porter says she realized dance is a way to fix this problem.