ASU student wins carillon composition contest

April 21, 2017

Cameron Robello, a senior majoring in music composition and theory in the Herberger School of music, has won the 2017 Robert X. La Pat Carillon Composition Contest, sponsored by the ASU Carillon Society, with his composition titled "Lux Tintinnabulis."

The contest is underwritten by Laurie and Kenneth Polaski of Scottsdale in honor of La Pat, an award-winning Scottsdale composer. Download Full Image

Robello, from Mesa, Arizona, will receive a $250 cash prize. He said that in approaching composing a work for the 258-bell Symphonic Carillon, he both “listened and played. 

With research, including a fair amount of listening to carillon music and playing ASU’s carillon, I picked up on the shimmery, shining timbral elements in the bells that I thought carried potential to support an entire piece. 

“The most significant (and I think relevant) challenge for any composition, at least as it stands for my composing process, is purpose... the ‘why am I writing this’ question. My purpose with most of my recent work revolves around drawing out and making audible the sonic characteristics inherent in the raw sound material at hand.

“Whatever I draw out of the instrument needs to be both relevant to the instrument or ensemble and completely unique. Otherwise, the piece could have been written for anything! In the case of 'Lux Tintinnabulis,' the result must be sensitive to the sound of the carillon.“

Judges in the contest were University Carillonneurs William Swayze and Kevin Snow, and Jody Rockmaker, professor of music composition and theory. Rockmaker said, “Lux Tintinnabulis, creates interesting harmonies and sonic possibilities. The ideas are simply stated at the opening and evolve in convincing ways through the piece. I find it has a pleasing and satisfying form. The music is presented in a manner that promises free performance and interpretation.”

Robello is a classical guitarist and also performs on his laptop.

The 258-bell Symphonic Carillon was a gift to the university in 1966 from Associated Students of ASU. It is a memorial to those who gave their lives in service to their country. For more information send an e-mail to

Award ceremony recognizes outstanding students from ASU's School of Molecular Sciences

April 21, 2017

Arizona State University's School of Molecular Sciences recently held its annual Awards and Recognition Ceremony for outstanding students and their families at the Memorial Union on ASU's Tempe campus. The ceremony recognized undergraduate and graduate students who excelled in academics and research.

Eight achievement awards and five scholarships were presented to the most talented and deserving undergraduate students from the school's 1,200 chemistry and biochemistry majors. The fall 2016 and spring 2017 Dean's medal winners were also recognized. Each award was presented by a faculty member selected by the awardee, who also gave a short summary of their achievements and accomplishments.

Also celebrated were outstanding graduate student researchers, including the LeRoy Eyring Memorial Fellowship in Chemistry George Yuen Memorial Award, and the school's most impactful student teaching assistants. The Distinguished Instructor and Student Associates of the American Chemical Society Distinction of Merit and Scholastic Occupation Faculty Teaching Awards were also presented.

These awards and scholarships recognize the talent and hard work of the recipients, and also provide financial support that allows them to focus on their learning and academic progress, and this is certainly appreciated by the students.

“Considering how women remain underrepresented in STEM fields, being awarded this scholarship has positively impacted my college career by reminding me that, no matter the gender, there are very thoughtful and generous people who want to help ASU students succeed,” said Shannon Sipes, this year's Therald Moeller Scholarship winner.  2017 SMS Award Ceremony Group Picture ASU award ceremony recognizes outstanding students. Download Full Image

Full list of award and scholarship recipients:

  • George M. Bateman Memorial Scholarship: Lily Wayne
  • SAACS Organic Achievement Award: Kimberly Kevershan
  • ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Undergraduate Award: Logan Tegler
  • ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award: Victoria Woner
  • ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Undergraduate Award: Julia Torline
  • Therald Moeller Scholarship: Shannon Sipes
  • Distinguished Chemistry Merit Award: Joshua Rabinowitz
  • Distinguished Biochemistry Merit Award: Capria Rinaldi
  • Wayne W. Luchsinger Chemistry Scholarship: Guadalupe Batista
  • Arizona Society for Coatings Technology Scholarship: Hoang Nguyen
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Certificate of Excellence: Grant Severson
  • School of Molecular Sciences Scholarship: Kimberly Kevershan
  • Dean’s Medal, Fall 2016: Havell Markus
  • Dean’s Medal, Spring 2017: Patrick Almhjell
  • LeRoy Eyring Memorial Fellowship in Chemistry: Brian Wadsworth
  • George Yuen Memorial Award: Diana Khusnutdinova
  • Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award: Shaojiang Chen, Chengchen Guo, Fan Hong, Kristin Johnson, Morteza Moghimi Waskasi, Anasuya Pal and Kirtland Robinson
  • Distinguished Teaching Assistant Award: Patrick Almhjell, Steven Bentson, Jie Ding, Zahra Bahrami Dizicheh, Deborah Hernandez, Diana Khusnutdinova, Nikita Kumari, Colton Meyer, Rachel Ozeran, Donell Schmacht and Meng Wang
  • Distinguished Instructor Award: Timothy Lamb
  • Distinction of Merit and Scholastic Occupation (DMSO) Teaching Award: Alexander Green
Ian Gould

President Professor, Associate Director of Communications, School of Molecular Sciences