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Albie Micklich

March 08, 2017

<strong>Albie Micklich</strong>, associate professor of wood wind, presented a lecture recital at the National College Music Society's Conference in San Antonio, Texas on Sept. 17, 2006. The topic of the presentation was &quot;Informed Interpretation: Basing Performance Decisions on Array Segmentations in Perle's <em>Three Inventions for Solo Bassoon</em>.

This lecture-recital showed how an understanding of Perle's theory of 12-tone tonality can facilitate the performer in making interpretative decisions when performing music composed in this system. In terms of methodology, Dr. Foley will introduce some of the essential components of Perle's theory of 12-tone tonality, then demonstrate how Perle works with these pre-compositional elements to craft each of the inventions. The discussion focused on such issues as determining formal demarcations based on array segmentation, appropriate applications of rubato and nuances of phrasing and dynamics. 

The goal of the presentation was to guide the performer in developing an interpretation that makes the music intelligible to both the performer and the listener, and that aims to realize the musical intentions of the composer. Micklich joined Arizona State University in the fall of 2006. Prior to this appointment Dr. Micklich was on the faculty of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, University of Missouri-Columbia, Michigan State University and University of Nebraska-Lincoln.