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Sabine Feisst

December 01, 2014

Sabine Feisst, professor of musicology in the School of Music, recently published the essay “"Re-presence of Jewishness in German Music Commemorating the Holocaust since the 1980s: Three Case Studies”" in the volume Dislocated Memories: Jews, Music and Postwar German Culture, Tina Frühauf and Lily Hirsch (Oxford University Press, 2014). This essay builds on her research on Arnold Schoenberg, whose music was also the focus of a keynote speech she delivered this fall at a Schoenberg symposium at Christ Church University in Canterbury, England.

In addition, Feisst has continued her research in ecomusicology and published the article “Animal Ecologies: Laurie Spiegel’s Musical Explorations of Urban Wildlife” in the refereed Australian literary journal Social Alternatives (special issue “Music and the Environment” vol. 33, no. 1, 2014). She also gave papers on eco-critical music by composers Maggi Payne and Luc Ferrari at international conferences in Calgary and Asheville, NC and contributed research to the Listen(n) Symposium: Acoustic Ecologies of the American Southwest Deserts which is directed by Garth Paine (SoM/AME) and took place at ASU in October. Feisst is currently co-organizing the international conference Balance-Unbalance 2015 which will take place at ASU the last week of March.