Micha Espinosa

June 1, 2014

Micha Espinosa, associate professor of voice and acting in the School of Film, Dance and Theatre, is the editor of a newly published book from Smith and Kraus titled "“Monologues for Latino/a Actors: A Resource Guide to the Contemporary Latino/a Playwrights.”"

Jorge A. Huerta hails the accomplishment: “"This volume is the first of its kind, a meticulously researched and documented collection of monologues from a rich diversity of Latina and Latino playwrights. Actors will finally have a resource that virtually defines the wealth of playwrights expressing their unique visions of the New American Theatre.”" The book is available here Download Full Image

Melissa Rex-Flint

June 1, 2014

Melissa Rex, clinical professor of dance in the Arizona State Universuty School of Film, Dance and Theatre, has been invited as a guest speaker/presenter/facilitator at this year’'s Alopeciapalooza in Claryville, New York. The event brings together many children and their families dealing with alopecia for a week of healing and sharing. Alopecia is an auto-immune disease that affects the growth of hair in millions world-wide.

Rex will facilitate group discussions stemming from her own experiences as a child and teenager, which she wrote about in an essay that was published in "The Lion and the Unicorn" (Spring 2013 issue), as well as facilitate classes in creative movement and performance for the children and their families as part of her continued research in this area. "I am hoping to gather some information and feedback with the possibility of interviews with some of the children and families to expand on my essay and/or write a new article," Rex said. "Movement, performance and a creative path in my life are what saved me from my own depression and suicidal moments." Download Full Image