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ASU music education students, faculty and alumni present multiple sessions at national conference

April 23, 2014

Congratulations to ASU music education students, faculty and alumni, from the School of Music in ASU’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, who presented eight sessions at the 2014 “New Directions in Music Education” conference at Michigan State University, March 20-22.

The conference is for elementary, middle school, and high school music teachers, and for collegiate faculty and students. It is designed to provide a stimulating environment for sharing and learning the latest scholarly advances and best teaching practices from some of the world’s foremost teachers, researchers and musicians.

The conference subtitle was “Teaching Composition, Improvisation, and The New Musicianship.”

The titles of the ASU presentations were:

• “The Adaptation of a Popular Music Project for the Choral Classroom,” Corrie Box, ASU Ph.D. student, and Marsha Vanderwerff, ASU Ph.D. student and choral music educator in the Scottsdale Unified School District

• “A Survey Study of U.S. Collegiate and K-12 Steel Band Directors’ Attitudes Regarding Steel Band Curriculum and Pedagogy,” Brandon L. Haskett, an ASU doctoral alum now at Saginaw Valley State University

• “A Propulsion Model of Creative Contributions in Music Education,” Emmett O’Leary, ASU Ph.D. student

• “The Confluence of Tradition and Change: Setting Music Education in Motion,” Lauren Kapalka Richerme, an ASU Ph.D. alum now at Indiana University

• “Sustaining Creative Music Making Practices (or Not?),” Ryan Bledsoe, ASU Ph.D. student, and Sandra Stauffer, ASU faculty

• “Crazy ‘Informal’ Popular Music Ensembles: Superstition and Don’t Stop Believin’ in New Directions,” Chad West, an ASU undergrad alum now at Ithaca College, and one of his Ithaca colleagues

• “8-bit Composition Unit: Composing for Old School Video Games,” Jared O'Leary, an ASU alum and current Ph.D. student

• “Engaging with Popular and Participatory Cultures: Implications for Music Teaching and Learning,” Evan Tobias, ASU faculty member, with Corrie Box, ASU Ph.D. student, Nathan Johnston, ASU alum and current Ph.D. student, and Jared O'Leary, an ASU alum and current Ph.D. student

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