Student Production opens its doors to a new reality with “No Exit”

WHAT: Student Production in the Herberger College of Fine Arts at ASU presents “No Exit,” a play that paints an unforgettable picture of hell as a room with no exit and no windows. Here, three characters remain trapped and discover, “Hell is other people.” Written by Jean-Paul Sartre; directed by theatre undergraduate student Dustin Hurtt.

Student Production is a student-driven organization within the Department of Theatre that is committed to providing opportunity, resources and support to ASU students who are ready for the challenge of bringing their artistic vision to life.

WHEN: November 3-5 at 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: The Student Laboratory Theatre at the Prism, 851 E. Tyler Street in the Ritter Building on the ASU campus (northwest corner of Terrace and Rural, just south of University Drive). 

TICKETS: $3 available at the door only.

INFORMATION, TICKETS: Call 480-727-7877 or e-mail:

Playwright, novelist and essayist Jean-Paul Sartre creates a picture of hell as a small ornate room with no windows and one locked door from which there is no escaping. This is the setting in which three characters must live out the rest of eternity as punishment for their life on earth. Garcin, a journalist for a Pacifist newspaper, Estelle, a wealthy socialite, and Inez, a postal clerk, must give up their old lives and learn to live in a new reality of imprisonment with other people. This seemingly benevolent portrayal of hell turns out to be a nightmare for its inhabitants.

Writer Jean-Paul Sartre, a teacher of philosophy and a preacher of freedom and resistance to tyranny during World War II, was the pre-eminent existential philosopher of the 20th century. He worked toward the finding of truth in reality and was the writer of numerous novels, plays, screenplays, essays, and biographies about existential topics and social criticism. His main credo was his belief that life, this world, and ultimately reality, are nothing more than what one expects and what one makes of them.

“No Exit” is the third production in the Student Production season. Coming up later in the season is a retelling of the classic story of Antigone told through Argentine playwright Griselda Gambaro’s “Antígona Furiosa,” running November 17-19, followed by Paul Rudnick’s hilarious play, “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told,” which takes a different slant on the stories of the Bible, running December 8-10.

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