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ASU Gammage art gallery features Mesa Art League's Fine Art Show

"Haulin' Fuel" by Diana Kempton

September 01, 2016

ASU Gammage will be featuring a variety of art pieces from the Mesa Art League's Fine Art Show Sept. 8 through Oct. 5. 

The walls of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed building will hold many different paintings in several different mediums; oil, water, mixed media and even wood. 

You can visit the ASU Gammage Art Gallery any Monday from 1 to 4 p.m. or by appointment by calling 480-965-6912 or 480-965-0458.

Some of the featured artists include:

• Chere McKinney with her work, "Immigration: Ellis Island Hospital." Chere states, “My adventure into the art world by working in color and acrylics for the past four years. Nature or anything unique seems to be where I go to get most of my inspiration. Using details and texture to create my art has been both challenging, frustrating and exciting. Art has become a fascinating and important part of my life.”´

• Carol Hartland's painting, “Cabbage” is from a photo taken in the children's garden in Inness Woods metro park near her home. “I began painting in watercolor about 10 years ago in Westerville Ohio. I had the honor of being accepted into the Central Ohio Watercolor Society, and joined the Westerville Art League, Worthington Area Art League and I was also a Member of the Serendip Art Gallery in Powell, Ohio. I love nature and find a great deal of joy in expressing that joy in my paintings”.

• Diana Kempton took her first course in photography at Phoenix College and has been hooked ever since. The experience of living in the shadow of The Wall in Cold War Berlin with the prosperous West juxtaposed against the East — one vibrant and colorful, one somber and gray — prompted Diana’s photographic exploration of reality and apparent reality from an early age. Favorite subjects are vintage glass patterns ablaze with various light and color sources; flowers, leaves and organic textures; old rusty trucks; and ancient ruins and architecture, where walls have both protected and divided us, providing comfort and also isolation. See her photo, “Haulin' Fuel.”

• Sandra Meissner, “When I was a child I would pretend that the glass doorknobs on my grandmothers thick wooden doors to her home were made out of precious diamonds and when the sun hit then porch door knob the rainbow reflection was made just for me.  I had many memories come back to me while painting this warped door and its classic old diamond.” Painting “From Grandma's House.”

• Rosalie Trulli Vaccaro, the exhibit coordinator, for the Mesa Art League, has been painting in oils for many years. She studied in New York, Florence, Italy and here at the Scottsdale Artists School. Her oil painting shown at ASU Gammage is “Old Fashioned Woman.” According to Rosale, “I am most interested in painting in a realistic, representational manor for figurative paintings and portraits. Primarily working in oils, my paintings are of men, woman and young adults in a specific environment. I hope to tell a story of a place and time, sometimes with a single heroic subject or the same subject in multiply panels."

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