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School of Art announces Fall ‘02 exhibitions at Harry Wood Northlight and Step Galleries

August 12, 2002

TEMPE, Ariz. – The broad range of studio art disciplines taught at the School of Art in ASU’s Herberger College of Fine Arts will be highlighted in exhibitions during the fall 2002 semester at three on-campus galleries: the Harry Wood Gallery, Northlight Gallery and Step Gallery.

Exhibitions will feature work spanning media and processes from the traditional to the high-tech, including painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, fibers, photography, printmaking and intermedia. 
School of Art students, staff and faculty operate the galleries, which are open to the public.
The Harry Wood Gallery features solo exhibitions by graduate students completing master of fine arts (MFA) degrees, as well as group shows by undergraduate students. 
Significant contemporary and historical photography, and the work of School of Art photography students are featured at the Northlight Gallery. 
The Step Gallery showcases works by School of Art undergraduates, both in solo and group shows. 
(Exhibition schedules for each gallery follow.)

The School of Art is part of The Katherine K. Herberger College of Fine Arts at Arizona State University. The college educates more than 2,500 students annually and encompasses the School of Art, the School of Music, the Department of Theatre and the Department of Dance, as well as the research-based Institute for Studies in the Arts and the ASU Art Museum. Visit the Herberger College School of Art on the Web at

School of Art Calendar
Fall 2002
Harry Wood Gallery

Location: Art Building, ASU main campus, Tempe (near the intersection of Forest and Tyler malls.)
Admission: Free
Gallery Hours: Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Sept. 9-13
An Exhibition by Yayoi Senda, Visiting Artist in Ceramics
Yayoi Senda, a visiting artist at ASU’s Herberger College School of Art, blends her works in ceramics with the ancient Japanese art form of ikebana, in which cut stems, leaves and flowers are beautifully arranged in vases and other vessels.

Sept. 16-20
Universal Relationship
Leonard Dawson, an MFA student in sculpture, is a mixed media artist. However, regardless of the media Dawson chooses, the result is an exceptional piece of sculpture designed to challenge the onlooker to rethink long-held beliefs he or she may have had prior to seeing Dawson’s work. His meticulous attention to technical and creative details, combined with the aim to intellectually and emotionally “knock the viewer off balance,” result in art that provokes, excites and stimulates the viewer.

Sept. 23-27
ABBA (A Bunch of Book Artists)
An exhibition of works by students in the School of Art’s exceptional Book Arts program – one of less than a dozen such programs in the country.

Sept. 30 – Oct. 4
Traditional Materials, Contemporary Forms: Graduate Women in the Arts
An exhibition of work by female students in the School of Art’s MFA programs.

Oct. 7-11
All Digital Exhibition
This exhibition presents student work from various programs in the School of Art that use digital technology, including intermedia, photography, sculpture, fibers and printmaking.

Oct. 14-18
New Graduates
This self-juried exhibition introduces new, first-year MFA candidates. The exhibition is open to students in all media.

Oct. 21-25
Screen Stars
An exhibition of work by graduate and undergraduate students in the print-making program.

Oct. 28 – Nov. 1
New Undergraduates
An exhibition of work by first semester students in the bachelor of arts and bachelor of fine arts programs.

Nov. 4-8
The Earth Gives Forth Wonders
Kathy Sheehan, an MFA candidate in printmaking, presents her thesis exhibition.

Nov. 12-15
An Exhibition by Krishna Patel
Art is a journey in creative action, a process of inquiry and the search for meaningful expression, according to MFA candidate in fibers, Krishna Patel. In her work, Patel explores the process of her experience of prayer and meditation to achieve inner calm and peace. The rhythm of weaving and the sounds of weaving are an integral part of Patel’s prayer and meditation. The front of her layered woven structures represent her body while the inner layer is synonymous with her inner self. The colors, material, intersecting warps and wefts, layered and altered woven cloth, and the spaces created by these are representative of the pathways exploring this journey for inner peace.

Nov. 18-27
Collective Secrets
Martha Ross Raisanen, an MFA candidate in fibers, presents her thesis exhibition, which examines the world of secrets accumulated over lifetimes. Visceral materials bring this work into the realm of the body and personalize the viewers’ roles as vessels of secrets.

Dec. 2, 2002 – Jan. 23, 2003
Juried Undergraduate Exhibition
Works from numerous media will be presented in this exhibit juried by two School of Art faculty members at the invitation of the Gallery Exhibitions class. This annual exhibition is open to all undergraduate students enrolled in a School of Art studio class.

Step Gallery

Location: Tempe Center, ASU main campus, Tempe (southeast corner of Mill and University)
Admission: Free
Gallery Hours: Monday through Thursday from noon to 5 p.m. and Friday from noon to 3 p.m.

Oct. 14-18
Cole Robertson, a senior in the photography program, explores voyeurism in society today. Using color and digital photography, Robertson takes a non-judgmental look at the subject. Coming from the perspective that voyeurism simply exists, like the air we breathe, Robertson seeks to convey to the viewer how voyeurism appears to him.

Oct. 21-25
2002 Southwest Region Society for Photographic Education Conference
An exhibition of regional student photography.
Opening reception: 7 p.m., October 25.

Oct. 28 – Nov. 1
Irreverent Testament 
Kari Fultz, a senior in the printmaking program, and Eric Phurnbeck, a drawing major, present works in various print and drawing media.

Nov. 4-8
Kathryn Strevell, a senior in painting, presents this exhibition as her honors thesis. Strevell’s exhibition is based on the theory that we in our society hold a common belief that we exercise a certain amount of control in our lives. Control is empowering to us and the more dangerous and challenging the object we try to control, the greater we feel about ourselves. The art will reflect the question: Are we in control or are we being controlled?

Nov. 11-15
Waves of Clay
An assortment of masks from David Dupzyk, sculptural vessels by Marri Keller and organic forms and footed vessels by Stacy Waddell.

Nov. 18-22
An Exhibition by Laurie Papa 
Working primarily in the medium of wood, sculpture senior Laurie Papa presents her BFA senior exhibition.

Nov. 25-27
Juried Ceramic Exhibition
An exhibition juried by Kurt Weiser, ceramics professor and artist, presents the best work of students who are currently a part of the undergraduate ceramics program.

Dec. 2-6
The Incredible Beingness of Light
Michael Ramos, a senior in intermedia, presents a variety of pieces related to the special qualities of light, both natural and man-made. The exhibition includes turned wood vessels, thrown and sculpted ceramic pieces, turned stone (such as alabaster) and black and white photographs of light on different surfaces such as water, glass and skin.

Northlight Gallery

Location: Matthews Hall, ASU main campus, Tempe (southeast corner of Tyler and Forest malls)
Admission: Free
Gallery Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with evening hours from 6-8 p.m. on Thursday, and Sunday from 12:30-4:30 p.m. 

Sept. 3-12
ASU Photo Faculty
Work by the Herberger College School of Art’s photography faculty, who are nationally and internationally renowned artists in their own right. Reception: 7 p.m., Sept 12.

Sept. 24 – Oct. 15
Ken Storch
Ken Storch was selected from the participants of the spring Northlight Southwest 2002 exhibition to present a solo exhibition at the Northlight Gallery. Storch’s black and white photographs using the latest in digital technology to meld multiple images into striking scenes that speak of the enormity of time and space, captured the eyes and recognition of the jurors. Now Valley residents have the opportunity to see more of this talented photographer’s work. Reception: 7 p.m., September 30.

Sept. 24 – Oct. 15, 2002
SCAD (Savannah School of Art and Design)
Reception: 7 p.m., September 30.

Oct. 22 - 29, 2002
SPE (Society for Photographic Education)
Reception: 7 p.m., October 25.

Nov. 5 - 14, 2002
An Exhibition by Emily Matyas
Emily Matyas, an MFA candidate in photography, presents her thesis exhibition.
Reception: 7 p.m., November 4.

Nov. 19 – Dec. 3, 2002
BA/BFA Exhibition
An exhibition featuring the work of undergraduate photography students in the Herberger College School of Art.
Reception: 7 p.m., November 25


EyeLounge is a community-run art space located at 419 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix. Hours are Friday-Sunday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Oct. 4-27
Emily Puthoff, an MFA candidate in sculpture, presents her thesis exhibition featuring sculpture and installations in all manner of media, including film. Puthoff’s current work deals with editing and splicing fragmentary moments from the cultural continuum to find instances of common experience and truth

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