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Artist draws attention to the homeless

February 04, 2003

The homeless, a category of our society who often are all but invisible to the rest of us, are the subject of a series of beautiful drawings by Herberger College of Fine Arts School of Art student, Abraham Mohler. What’s more, all proceeds from the sale of Mohler’s work, which currently hangs in the ASU branch of the Arizona State Savings and Credit Union, will go to assist “Artist’s Attic,” a program at Andre House in downtown Phoenix. Andre House is the homeless shelter where Mohler met and drew each of the subjects in his series. Each drawing is touching and personal, capturing the humanity of the artist’s subject. “These are portraits of people I've gotten to know through the Artist's Attic program,” Mohler says. “Although I would tend to avoid making art for the sake of social commentary, I knew I had a unique opportunity to use this institution as a context for an issue that's a constant challenge for me.” Abraham Mohler is willing to do interviews should you wish to talk to him about this project. Please call me if you would like to interview him. The artwork will hang in the credit union at ASU for approximately two to three months.

Media Contact:
Jennifer Pringle