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Dennis Oppenheim - Public Projects

March 11, 2003

The ASU Art Museum, in collaboration with the Phoenix Arts Commission, presents Dennis Oppenheim - Public Projects, a lecture by the internationally renowned artist. The lecture will commence at 7:30 p.m., April 2 in ASU’s North Architecture Building, AED 60, located on the southwest corner of University Drive and Forest Avenue in Tempe.

Dennis Oppenheim has been consistently active and engaged in the production of art, while never exactly becoming part of a movement. The independent vision that he evolved resulted in work that resists categorization. He is a sculptor, but also an inventor; a performance artist and also a social activist; an earth artist who is attracted to the city as well as the wilderness. Oppenheim will talk about his work with emphasis on public projects past and present.

Media Contact:
Jennifer Pringle