ASU Art Museum 2002-2003 Calendar

Aftermath (9/11): Photographs by Janis Lewin 
August 17 - October 20, 2002
Nelson Fine Arts Center
An artist living in New York City, Janis Lewin walked around the city in the aftermath of September 11, capturing on film the shrines, faces of the lost and reflections of the living. This exhibition is a memorial to that tragic day. A gallery talk by the artist is scheduled for 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, September 17.

Embracing Night: New Ceramics by Farraday Newsome Sredl.
August 28 - December 14, 2002
Ceramics Research Center
Farraday Newsome Sredl is well known nationally for her work in the traditional majolica technique. Her vessels are covered in bold and abundant patterns of fruit, plants and animals, with infusions of desert plant life from her experience in Phoenix. Her new work shows a surprising shift to a black and white palette that allows for more detailed and personally expressive imagery. Both bodies of work will be included in the exhibition to graphically illustrate the changes and consistencies in an artist's work over time.

Mark Klett: Ideas About Time
August 31 - November 10, 2002
Nelson Fine Arts Center
The idea of returning to a place to encapsulate change over time is central to Klett's work. It is an elliptical commentary on ecological change, but also a melancholy observation on mutability and human intrusion. The exhibition will include works from throughout Klett's career that reflect on the ways in which time can be shaped and redefined.

Pipilotti Rist: Sip My Ocean
August 31 - October 27, 2002
Nelson Fine Arts Center
Lulling the viewer with song and visual, Pipilotti Rist creates a sensual lure of pleasure with her video installation, Sip My Ocean. Beautiful underwater ocean shots, peaceful submerging figures and objects slowly floating down the projected image seduce the viewer's eyes as Rist's version of Chris Isaak's pop song "Wicked Game" soothes the ears. But sometimes paradise, love and desire may not be all that they promise.

Subjectivity: Photographs of Themselves
September 21, 2002 - January 5, 2003
Nelson Fine Arts Center
Bob Carey, Anthony Goicolea, Zhang Huan, Arno Minkkinen, Yasumasa Morimura and Cindy Sherman. The artists in this exhibition use their own bodies as their subject. In a variety of ways, the work reflects the degree to which the self can be defined and constructed, the ways in which the vision of the body can be conflated with landscape or machine.

Adam Chodzko: Limbo Land and A Place for 'The End' 
November 9, 2002 - January 12, 2003
Nelson Fine Arts Center
As human beings we are in a constant state of transition. Adam Chodzko's DVD/sound installation Limbo Land and still photography/DVD installationA Place for 'The End', allow the viewer an attempt to define or imagine an ending, or what may actually be a new beginning. Through sight, sound and image, with gaps between each, he allows emotions to come forward, building possibilities of where we go from here and just what 'the end' may bring.

Sara and David Lieberman Collection
January 26 - May 18, 2003
Ceramics Research Center and Nelson Fine Arts Center
The Sara and David Lieberman Collection of more than 200 contemporary ceramics works was recently promised to the ASU Art Museum and featured in American Craft magazine. Selections from this Who's Who of contemporary ceramics will be on display in the Ceramics Research Center, including works by Peter Voulkos, Michael Lucero, Ruth Duckworth and Beatrice Wood. The exhibition will continue in the Nelson Fine Arts Center with selections from the Lieberman's other great collections of contemporary craft, sculpture and photography.

CoBrA: Before, During and After
Works from the Collection of Stéphane Janssen

February 9 - May 11, 2003 
Nelson Fine Arts Center
Named for Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam, from which the original group came, the group reflects post-war malaise and shifts in philosophical thought that prefigure post-modernism. The artists of CoBrA took stock of their culture in the aftershock of the horrors of Nazi genocide and the extermination camps. Their work demonstrates a recasting of European traditions and innovation, creating a visual vocabulary for expression of a new worldview. The group existed under the CoBrA rubric for only the period of 1948-51; but associations among them preceded and endured after, and works from before and after will be shown in this major exhibition.

The Museum Store Collects
May 31 - September 14, 2003
Nelson Fine Arts Center
The ASU Art Museum Store, run entirely by dedicated museum docents under the leadership of LaReal Eyring, has consistently been named as outstanding Museum Store by The New Times and other publications for the exceptional quality and rarity it offers. Members receive a discount on purchases. Proceeds from sales support the museum's acquisition program. This exhibition presents a selection of works purchased with Museum Store funds, a tribute to its role in bringing community support to the collection.

Gadgets and Gizmos
June 7 - August 31, 2003
Nelson Fine Arts Center
Gadgets and Gizmos is the summer family exhibition. Using high technology, like a small video camera, or low technology, like the hand-carved wooden cuckoo clocks by Abel Barroso, artists have combined pieces and parts into intriguing works of art. Whether conceptually complex, visually appealing and/or whimsical, these works present an unique art experience for viewers of any age.

The Monoprint Project: from the ASU Art Museum and Private Collections
June 14 - September 21, 2003
Nelson Fine Arts Center
This print by Alison Saar was produced under the auspices of the museum's Monoprint Project. This program matches a sponsor with an artist and a studio. The sponsor pays a set fee that underwrites the artist's and studio's expenses for a two-day period. The artist produces many monoprints at the studio during those two days, at the end of which, the sponsor has choice of two monoprints. The ASU Art Museum has next choice of one monoprint for the permanent collection. The artist keeps the remaining prints. Sixteen Monoprint Projects have been completed. This exhibition is comprised of the resulting work from the collections of sponsors and the ASU Art Museum.

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