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Did your favorite 'Ugly Bug' win the vote?

Contest on ASU's Ask a Biologist website highlights visually striking insects

Glow Worm Beetle
March 14, 2016

Update: Voting has ended. See the winners here — did your favorite win?

Life as an insect can be tough. Everyone wants to squash you, you're blamed for the spread of diseases, and then to top it off, someone nominates you for an "ugly bug" contest.

Except that these bugs are really sort of beautiful.

Each year, Arizona State University's Ask a Biologist — a learning resource for students, teachers and lifelong learners started in 1997 in the School of Life Sciences The School of Life Sciences is an academic unit of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.— hosts the Ugly Bug contest. This year's theme is choosing the insects for a space travel team that will search for life elsewhere (and, one presumes, intergalactic picnics to invade).

See what you think of the contenders below, and then place your vote on the Ugly Bug Contest page. Voting ends March 15.

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