Teaming up for sustainability in Playoff Plant-Off

Universities in town for the College Football Playoff compete for urban forestry grant by planting trees in Phoenix

Guy planting a tree.

Alabama beat Clemson in Monday night's college football national championship, played in Glendale. But a more unique competition took place earlier that day when representatives from the four college football playoff teams, as well as Arizona State University and the University of Arizona, competed in the Playoff Plant-off.

The teams, some of which were intermingled with representatives and alumni from various colleges, planted trees at Marivue Park in northwest Phoenix. The competition challenged the teams to see which one could plant 10 trees the fastest and in the correct way. The winning teams were awarded trophies, and the champion received an urban forestry grant to plant trees on its campus.

Watch the action and hear why this competition was important in this video. The winners are listed below.

First place: Michigan State 

Second place: University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix, Clemson

Third place: ASU, Alabama, Oklahoma

Justin Rohner, ASU's team captain, is shown in the photo at the top of the page. Photo by Ken Fagan/ASU Now