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Snow on the ground, snowballs in the air

Snow piles in Tempe, snowballs thrown at Sparky.
ASU Snow Day gives children chance to play in the white stuff.
December 21, 2015

ASU's annual Snow Day gives kids a chance to play in the white stuff with Sparky

The sight of falling snow in the desert is rather rare. But that didn't stop a pack of kids, adults and one mascot from enjoying that December rite of passage of playing in snow. The odd occurence came outside Wells Fargo Arena as the ASU Art Museum sponsored the annual Snow Day.

The snow came via a truckload of shaved ice. But the fun was local as a host of 70 or so kids gathered Monday afternoon to frolic in, throw and jump on the piles of snow. When Sparky showed up, the obvious followed with kids lobbing snowballs at the Maroon and Gold mascot. He got his, and the kids got to play in some snow just as their peers in the more northern states do.

Photos by Charlie Leight, video by Deanna Dent/ASU Now

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Singing with the Sun Devils

These Sun Devils can sing and dance.
Hear one of the Valley's best secrets: The Scottsdale Chorus.
December 22, 2015

Award-winning Scottsdale Chorus powered by spark of ASU employees, students

The Scottsdale Chorus is one of the Valley's hidden gems, a world-class singing group that won the International Chorus Competition earlier this fall.

And while the members of the chorus come from various walks of life and run the generational gamut — with ages spanning 18 to 85 — there's a healthy pack of Sun Devils giving this group a nice little spark.

Whether they're students, administrators or professors, ASU is well-represented among this group.

"We're all just regular people, but we work hard and we have a great deal of pride in what we do," said Lori Lyford, chorus director.

And that means weekly rehearsals to maintain this world-class form.

"My boss knows that at 5 o'clock I go and sing and dance," said Becky Eisenberg, assistant to the executive president and provost at ASU, and pictured above in the Devils shirt. "I think it's good to have a nice diversion and get out into the community. I also like it that there is a dozen ASU employees in the chorus."

We could tell you more, but it's so much more enjoyable to watch these videos of the Scottscale Chorus in action. The top video tells some of their story while the bottom video shows them practicing.

Ken Fagan

Videographer , ASU News