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Complex Systems Society names 2015 senior scientist at ASU conference

Maxi San Miguel receives CSS Senior Scientist 2015 Award

Maxi San Miguel honored with Complex Systems Society's prestigious Senior Scientist 2015 award for his outstanding contributions to Complex Systems science.
Photo by: CCS'15

September 29, 2015

The Complex Systems Society honors Maxi San Miguel, scientific researcher and director of the Institute of Cross-disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems, with the 2015 Senior Scientist Award in recognition for his professional career and cross-disciplinary studies of the foundations of complex systems.

The Institute of Cross-disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems is a joint research center of the University of the Balearic Islands and the Spanish Research Council.

The Complex Systems Society is an international cross-disciplinary organization composed of scientists worldwide who are leaders in complex systems research. The award recognizes society members who have advanced the field by achieving truly exceptional scientific results.

According to CSS, “Maxi San Miguel has been a key player in the cross-disciplinary research of complex systems and a source of inspiration in the transfer of knowledge to define new lines of research beyond traditional fields.”

San Miguel is doctor in physics, professor at the University of les Illes Balears since 1986 and director of IFISC since 2007, and he received the Medal of Spanish Society of Physics-BBVA in 2010. He has participated in more than 50 research projects and has been part of the team in 13 research projects of the European Commission. He has lectured as guest professor at 23 Spanish universities, and 45 universities and 25 research institutes worldwide. San Miguel's achievements span a variety of research subjects including statistical physics, stochastic processes, non-linear dynamics and spatio-temporal chaos, photonics, computational social sciences and complex networks.

Most recently, he has been involved in the study of human mobility, especially urban mobility, using ICT Data.

San Miguel will receive the CSS Senior Scientist Award on Tuesday at the annual Conference on Complex Systems in Phoenix, Arizona, hosted by Arizona State University and the Santa Fe Institute.